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1. How do I obtain a back issue of the Guardian or Observer newspaper?

Original copies of the Guardian and Observer are available from a company called Remember When whose archive for both newspapers dates back to the last century. For all queries, please contact Remember When:
Telephone: 020 8763 6363
Email: or

2. Can I use material from the archive in a book, magazine, newsletter or website?

The archive is for personal use only. To republish material from the archive you will need permission from the copyright holder. Please contact the syndication department for further information at

3. How many articles can I print from the archive?

You may print out as many separate articles as you wish, as long as it's only for personal use. If you would like to make more than 10 copies of a single article, or you would like to print articles for something other than personal use, please contact the syndication department at

4. Is corporate access to the archive available?

Yes, to obtain a licence for your organisation please contact Lucy Haire

5. Can I get access for my local school/my university?

For schools access, please contact Lucy Haire  Universities and libraries can subscribe to the archive via our exclusive distributor ProQuest. Please email any requests or queries to

6. I can't find what I am looking for

See search tips on the Advanced search page for help with searching.

7. I can't read all of the page

Due to the age and quality of the microfilm used to create the archive some parts of the archive are more difficult to read. Great care has been taken to make the archive as readable and searchable as possible, but where the source material has been poor, improvement to quality has been limited. This is especially true for the earlier Observer material. There is an ongoing preservation project to improve the quality of the archive as far as possible.

8. Can I zoom in to make the page or article larger?

Zooming in and out of images in the archive is not possible at present due to limitations with the current technical implementation. This is a feature we are working to develop and include as an additional to the archive next year.

9. When I print out the page, some of the text is cut off. How can I print the full article?

When you choose to print in landscape layout, make sure that your printer is set to print landscape also.
Printing from the archive is an area we are working on to improve and offer greater flexibility.

10. I can't open the article I'm looking for. It looks greyed out and I can't read it on the page.

Some articles and pictures from the archive are not available to view or download. This is generally for legal reasons.

11. I am having problems using the archive

If you are having problems using the archive, please send an email detailing the problem to us at and include the following information:

  • A description of the bug, including the url you were viewing when you encountered it, what you were trying to do, and what happened. The more detail, the better.
  • The time and date you encountered the bug. This will help us to identify bugs relating to any changes or updates we make over time.
  • The type and version of internet browser you were using.
  • The PC/Mac and operating system you were using.

12. I'm having problems with my subscription and accessing the archive

If you cannot access the archive or are having problems with your subscription, please email

13. Any other problems or queries about the archive

Please email any questions about the archive to

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